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2013-05-26 Folsom Classic Criterium Race Coverage and Photos

We had our women’s team out on Saturday’s Folsom Classic Criterium and ended up on the podium! That’s a great weekend if you ask me!

Race coverage by Jack Arney:

In the Women’s P123 race, Marley Smith and Dani Haulman lined up against about 20-25 women with big presences from Red and Metromint.

After Dani and Marley both were in break groups that were pulled back, when Dani’s group came back finally, Marley counter attacked and brought here constant companion Rikki Priesler from Metromint (Rikki sat on Marley’s wheel on the first attack unable to pull through….I guess) and for 8-10 laps Marley pulled Rikki around the course building a nice lead on the peloton and surged at the end to keep Rikki behind to win the race! Another incredible display by Marley but what really put an exclamation point on the day was Dani drilled it at the end to take the field sprint for 3rd place and another two rider podium for Folsom Bike. Nice racing Dani!

Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 1 Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 2 Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 3 Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 4 Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 5 Folsom BP Crit W123 Race Photo 6


2013-05-26 Bicycles Plus Spring Criterium Race Report by Marley Smith

I’ve never raced so late in the day (6:50pm start) so I was a bit apprehensive going into the race about how my energy level and legs would respond. Watching some of the men’s races throughout the day however motivated me to get warmed up and ready to race one of my favorite local courses. It’s close to home, nice sweeping oval and based on past experience the perfect course for me to get up the road in a breakaway.
Start line included roughly 20 riders including myself and Danielle Haulman from Folsom Bike/Cervelo. Multiple riders jumped from the start line and continued to launch attacks either for primes or in attempt to form a smaller selection of riders. Haulman of F/B Cervelo and I worked together taking turns sprinting or counter attacking off primes, forming small breaks others riders had to use energy to chase down. After being caught from an earlier break that was brought back I decided it was time to try again and fired an attack into the first right turn after a prime sprint about half way in to the race that finally stuck.
A Metromint rider that had been covering every move I made was also on my wheel and followed my wheel lap after lap contributing where she could. At my persistence she took pulls on the back side of the course where there was a head wind, it gave me an opportunity to rest my legs and hydrate and I was hoping to wear her down as the race continued.
I was confident Haulman could win the sprint from the pack, she wouldn’t have to work within the field so I knew she was a savvy bike racer and would use that as an opportunity to get ready to sprint. As the gap size increased from us to the main field it was clear they were no longer chasing. I finished first with Metromint Rikke Preisler close behind and Danielle Haulman did win the field sprint to secure the final spot on the podium for Folsom Bike/Cervelo women’s team. It was exciting for me to have the opportunity to race with Haulman as she had spent the first half of the season racing for UC Davis Aggies dominating the collegiate league and coming into the remaining season with fantastic fitness.

2013-05-04 Cat’s Hill Classic


Image courtesy David Cheung

Our ladies raced at Cat’s Hill this past weekend, and had a great result with Claire Morgan taking the ‘W’ in the Women’s 3 and Fiona Strouts taking 3rd in the Women’s 1/2 field! Also in the mix was Amy Chandos. Great job ladies!