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2014-01-25 Cal Aggie Criterium Women’s P/1/2/3 Race Report by Diane Moug

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Cal-Aggie Criterium Race Report

I was excited to race Cal-Aggie for several reasons, (1) it is the first race of the season, (2) it is hosted by my collegiate team, and (3) it would be the anniversary of the first race I did on my road bike. Plus, we were all super excited to race in our new kits. This was going to be a fun day on our bikes! At the start line, Folsom definitely had the numbers advantage and I think everyone was feeling strong from great winter weather that allowed lots of training. Then the whistle blew and our first race of 2014 was off. Judy Wexler led the group out hard and got some early separation. Soon the pack caught her and we cruised around the chicane and into the second lap. Another Folsom attack came on the first stretch of the second lap which was again caught.

Heading into the chicanes for the second time, I was on the front and decided to drive through the turns and see what would happen. As I came out, I looked back to see my former UC Davis teammate Breezer Hill on my wheel with some separation between us and the rest of the field; it was going to be fun working with her to stay away. I put in a hard effort to pull us further away from the field and with a comfortable gap, we took turns pulling around for a couple of laps. Through the turns of lap 4 I looked back and saw that Claire was bridging up to us, we eased up a little so she could catch on. With the three of us working together we managed to stay clear for the rest of the race, and to have some fun joking about the height mis-match between the three of us. Claire and I got to cross the finish line together in first and second. Behind us Judy, Dani, and Kristen had all managed to separate and bridge to the point that just the three of them were team-time-trialing around the course.

It was a great way to kick off bike racing in 2014 for Folsom/Cervelo!