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2014-02-01 Knight’s Ferry Women’s E3/E4 Race Report by Kristen Fauria

Twenty or so women showed up for Knight Ferry Road Race’s sunny and cold start last weekend. I was happy to be racing with team mate Emily Setzer and to see friends new to bike racing at the start. The fifty-nine mile, two lap, out and back course negotiated several rollers and a bit of wind before ending with an uphill finish. During the first lap accelerations on the hills and after the turnaround separated the field a bit, but most everyone chased back on and we all stayed together. There were several short-lived breakaway attempts during the second half of the race; however none of those moves lasted very long. During the last lap I (and probably the rest of the field) settled into the idea that the finishing climb would determine the race outcome. Sure enough, we cruised into the finishing climb where things got real on the first half – and steepest part – of the climb. I started from a less than ideal spot towards the back of the group and wove my way up to the front group of five or so. I was unable to hold onto the lead group in the last 200 meters, but managed to put in enough of a finishing effort for fourth. Emily finished in eighth not far behind. All in all I had an enjoyable day of racing and am looking forward to more races with my Folsom Bike team in the very near future!


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