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2014-02-09 Cherry Pie Women’s P/1/2/3 Race Report by Judy Wexler

Another day, another rainy crit. Coming off a strong team performance at Folsom on Saturday, I was excited to race again Sunday with Diane.

The race was short — only 40 minutes — and fast from the gun. Alison Tetrick (Exergy 2016) motored off the starting line, and I sat on her wheel for the first couple laps. After about five minutes, I realized we’d dropped most of the other riders. It was me, Alison, her teammate Mary Maroon, and Metromint rider Joanna Dahl. I was excited about this group, so I sat at the front a bit, which might have been a mistake. Mary attacked; I jumped on it, and then when Alison attacked a few seconds later, I couldn’t respond. Joanna, however, jumped to go with Alison.

I made the decision to conserve energy at this point, and Mary and I were soon joined by a half dozen other ladies, including Diane. A lap or two later, we saw Joanna had been dropped by Alison up front and was in no man’s land. Seizing that opportunity, Diane and I got to the front and worked hard to catch Joanna. No one else in our group wanted to help out with the effort. While I had doubts about the intelligence of pulling around a 6 or 7 girls, we kept making progress on reeling in Joanna, and with 2 to go, we had her. The pace subsided, and with 1 lap to go, Diane got on front and led me out to the finish. Mary out sprinted me, but I came across the line for third.

Overall, I’m proud of the work Diane and I both did. It felt awesome to put in a solid effort to catch a rider up the road, and then beat almost all the girls who sat on our wheels while we were working.


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