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2014-02-16 Coppertown Circuit Race Women’s P/1/2/3 Race Report by Claire Morgan


Emily Setzer, Danielle Haulman and I showed up to race what promised to be a strong field at Copper Town circuit race this past Sunday. I was super excited to race with Dani given her disposition to attack, counterattack (herself even) and just generally light most races up. Hard woman, Emily, was doubling up for her second race of the day after an already tough 3’s race!

The group was strung out as we made our first pass through town. As we turned left onto the main part of the course, I saw a break already being established with none other than Dani in it. I noticed that Flavia Oliveira was still with our group and got on her wheel, anticipating that she would jump. Flavia made the bridge and attacked, which shuffled things around and a new break of five emerged.
I was unable to pull as hard as my break mates and quickly started skipping pulls. In hindsight, I should have dropped out of the break given that I was unable to keep pace. Rikke Preisler of Metromint crushed the sprint for the win! I limped in for 4th 🙂

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