Sponsored by Trek, XpertMINDS, GU, and Oakley #PROUDTORIDELIKEAGIRL

2014-02-22 Snelling Road Race W P/1/2/3 Report by Susannah Breen



IMG_2477-X225 women represented a good mix of consistent NorCal riders and teams for this years Snelling Road Race. I was happy to be reunited with teammates Heather VanSickle, Heather Lipana, and Marley Smith for a warm and sunny afternoon bike race. We patiently assessed the field and riders in the first lap, taking turns following moves and assuring the team was represented near the front. A few attacks on the 3rd lap started to string things out and I found myself in a group with seven other riders including UHC’s Katie Hall and Colavita’s Olivia Dillon, both of whom continued to drive the pace until we had a gap on the field.

Shortly after, the main field was neutralized by a passing men’s group which allowed the gap to grow significantly but also prevented any successful bridge attempts from my teammates. On the final lap, we all started looking at each other hoping someone else would make the first move….but instead we all came into the final corner together and Olivia and Katie jumped first. Despite my best efforts to have a good position in the group, I wasn’t able to match that final punch of speed and came in 7th. Marley rounded out the top 10 and Heather and Heather finished safely in the group.


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