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2015-06-06 Pescadero Road Race Report by Diane Moug

Pescadero Road Race Report

I came into the race after a really good week of training that gave me the confidence, and built up frustration after several races that left me on the podium, but not in the top spot. So this time I was ready to improve on last year’s second place.

About 15 girls started the race, with the most representation from Metromint with 3 girls, and Mike’s Bikes with 4 girls. The first lap went without incident and we got to take in some of the beautiful course views. Marissa Axell (Metromint) put in some great attacks, that put us on our toes, however nothing was allowed to get far.

The second time up Pescadero climb (the beautiful, switchbacking, 2.5km climb), Jill McLaughlin set a very strong pace which reduced the group to 5, and Leah Thomas got on the front for the winding descent to keep the separation. The group of 5 (myself, Jill, Leah, Bethany Allen from Zoca, and Alessandra from ICE) rotated together to try and stay away. Knowing that Beth Hernandez (Jakroo) would be putting on a strong chase behind, we had to keep things fast to stay away. However, the pace eventually dwindled and we were joined by the remaining girls.

Once we got to the last miles of the race, heading down the flat section before the finishing climb, there were a lot of attacks. Beth Hernandez, Joanna Dahl, and Leah all made attacks that were covered, but made everyone hurt. Clarice Sayle (Zoca) put in an extraordinary amount of work watching attacks and keeping things together for her teammate Bethany. Going into the final climb, things were still all together.

Again, Jill set a high pace up the final climb and rode a lot of girls off her wheel. I stuck to her pace, and when I felt that we could go faster, I took over to try to ride away from even more girls. Finally I looked back, and only Jill was there. I kept climbing as hard as I could, hoping that she would drop off, and finally with 200m to go I went hard to the finish and she didn’t come around.champpodium

On top of the Pescadero win, which was my first this season, this was the NCNCA District Championships, which meant that I got this jersey:



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