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Archive for November, 2016

Roster Rollout: Sara Bird



Hi there! We’re back to introduce you to yet another member of the 2017 women’s squad. We are incredibly lucky to have Sara Bird returning for another year of spins and grins.

sarabird2017Sara (aka Birdie) joined the Folsom Bike team last season and has been racing on the road for four years. She got her Ph.D. in Microbiology from Stanford University, where she found a second home on the Stanford Cycling team. Currently, when not on the bike, Birdie is a scientist, working on her postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories. Her work focuses on virus-host interactions and using cutting-edge gene editing tools like CRISPR to identify novel targets for antiviral therapeutics. When not biking or working in the lab, Birdie can be found hanging out in Los Altos with her other half Jonathan and their two Boston Terriers, Gus and Hank.

We love you Birdie! Looking forward to another amazing season.



Roster Rollout: Welcome Amy Cameron

amycameron2017Okay, okay – we know you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, but we’re incredibly excited for the 2017 season to start so for the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to the ladies of the Folsom Bike 2017 Elite squad. First up, Miss Amy Cameron. We’ve been huge fans of Amy for a long time with her climbing prowess as well as her fun, quirky, can-do attitude. In her own words…

“This first. I’ve loved lycra for as long as I can remember, and would live in a skinsuit if it were socially acceptable. I drink weird wines from obscure regions and have a long list of foods I can’t eat. I wish I could text with my dog. Clean sheets and fried eggs on toast (GF only, thanks) top my list of favorite non-bike things. I have degrees in political science and international relations, with a focus on genocidal regimes, but I’m now Sr Marketing Manager at Wine.com, where I do creative direction and email strategy. If I had to watch just one show for the rest of my life it would be The West Wing. Running was my first love, but bikes are faster and fast is…fast. Fun fact: I can write 10 letters on each side of a grain of rice. I still wonder how all of this happened, and often blame thank my parents profusely.”

Welcome to the Folsom Bike family Amy!