Sponsored by Trek, XpertMINDS, GU, and Oakley #PROUDTORIDELIKEAGIRL

Folsom Winter Crit


First, sorry that it has taken so long to get this race report up, things have been hectic with the start of race season aligning with job interview season. Me, Senders, Liz, and Illi came out for the Folsom Winter Classic crit for a kick off to 2017 – Judy, Fanny and Erin also showed up to cheer from the sidelines. We were all feeling fast in our new Jakroo speedsuits, which worked out well with the field waiting for Folsom to be the aggressors. Let than 10 minutes in, after some attacks and chase downs, two riders dangled very close off the front. I powered up to them and expected to be marked right away, but no one followed and I went right past them. With that separation, I didn’t like the idea of going solo for the next 40 minutes, so I put my head down and hoped I would catch the field before the race ended.

After 25 long minutes, I made it back to the field. The Folsom ladies that had been marking attacks, were eager to start attacking and having fun again. Even though they were always closely marked, Illi and Senders still managed to snag a couple more primes. When we got to the last lap, I found out designated sprinter, Liz and led her out to the last corner. She sprinted away and was the first one to cross the line, while Illi nearly caught her for third place.

With that, we started the season out with a sweep of the podium!


Thank you of course to the volunteers and Sierra Nevada for putting on a great season opener.



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