Sponsored by Trek, XpertMINDS, GU, and Oakley #PROUDTORIDELIKEAGIRL

The Bump Circuit Race

After a successful season opener racing the Folsom Winter Crit with Senders, Illi and Diane, I was pumped to line up again the next day at The Bump Circuit Race in Livermore with Sara, Melanie and Illi. Sara and Melanie had raved about this race in the preseason, so I was pretty curious about the famed “bump” power climb—how steep was this thing anyway?

We lined up with a pretty big and powerful field, alongside some ace sprinters. Each of us covered attacks early on, but things really got moving when Melanie put in a massive attack and went off the front solo. Nobody matched it, and Melanie buried herself for the team for most of the first lap, allowing the rest of us to take it easy and wait for the next development. That came soon enough, with a strong attack from Hanna which split the field. Illi and I ended up in a group of 5 with Hanna, Claire and Megan Ruble. This was a motivated group so the pace was high, but Sara and Christina from JL Velo were chasing hard. The gap to Melanie came down slowly, and we caught her just at the top of the bump. After that, our group of 5 stayed together, with Illi and I able to chill out because we knew our teammates were hot on our wheels.

Finally, we were closing in on the bump for the last time. Our group of 5 lined up side by side across the road, each of us looking for an avenue to open up the sprint, but nobody ready to make the first move. As we rounded the final right-hander, I could feel the pace pick up. I thought it would be hard to come around the leader on the bump itself, so I kicked hard to come around on the left in the downhill before the bump. However, my plan to switch from the big to the little ring mid-bump was…not a good one to say the least! I was mashing, mashing, mashing, and then suddenly…oh no! I was spinning, spinning, spinning! My chain had not shifted at first, and then suddenly moved to the little ring! But Illi, who had a much smarter plan to tackle the bump, solidly kicked on to the line and won the sprint!

All in all, I was pretty proud and thrilled by the teamwork we used to win this race, and I drove home high on the satisfaction of being part of a smart and strong team. A solid weekend of racing for the Folsom Bike/Trek women in the

Also, a big shoutout to our sponsors, Folsom Bike, Trek, Bontrager, Jakroo, GU, Athleticamps, Oakley and Hoo Ha Ride Glide, who keep us on the best equipment, kitted, fed, comfortable and ready to rock it every race!



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