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But wait…there’s more

FE1I0277Who’s ready for a bonus round? We’re not saying that we don’t believe her, but this next very special individual seems to have a knack for keeping us in constant suspense by saying every race is going to be her last. Now in “semi-retirement,” Judy Wexler is one speedy sprint ninja.

judywexler2017Judy Wexler started racing in 2005, representing Tufts University in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference. She’s since raced in New England, the DC Metro Area, the Pacific Northwest, and the NCNCA. Judy is mostly retired for the 2017 season, as she’s focused on finishing her PhD in evolutionary genetics and entomology at UC Davis. However, you may still see her reppin’ the Folsom pink and black in her favorite discipline — the criterium! Highlights of her career include basically the entire 2014 season, which saw her snag 2nd place at collegiate crit nationals, 4th place in the collegiate nationals road race and 3rd in the omnium in addition to 4th place at the Sea Otter circuit race. Her favorite NCNCA victories include Snelling in 2015 and winning the crowd prime at the 2014 Davis 4th of July crit.

Say what you want Judy, but we know you are going to ride your bike just as much during your “semi-retirement” and crush every “occasional” race you enter. Folsom Bike would not be the same without you!


Roster Rollout: Melanie Wong


To say this little lady is #PROUDTORIDELIKEAGIRL is an understatement. Rounding out the squad and returning for her second season with  the Folsom Bike team is Melanie Wong. In her own words…

65755563-img_1001“Hi there – my name is Melanie and I am a jack-of-all-trades that is one part cycling fiend, one part tech professional and one part crazy cat lover. After growing up as a competitive gymnast, swimmer and diver, I found cycling five years ago and haven’t looked back since. I love the game behind team strategy and to me there is nothing more fun than “playing bikes.” In the other half of my life I am a project manager at LinkedIn where – very much like cycling – I organize software teams to collaborate, communicate and get shit done. I believe that athletes make the best employees and enjoy how one passion feeds the other. My spirit animal is my black kitty, named Chirpcat, who prefers to make ‘chirrup’ noises rather than ‘meow’. I have no idea why. Much like her mom, she is very agile, sometimes finicky and loves to curl up and be warm. I always wear tall, hot pink socks with my kit so if you see a short, long-haired girl rolling around with obnoxiously bright socks, come say hello.”

An energetic and devoted teammate, Melanie completes our fantastic roster of talented ladies. See you at the races!

Roster Rollout: Liz Otto Hamel

liz_toni_gauthierIt’s been a little rainy outside, but we’ve got another rider announcement to help brighten your day. Liz’s positive, can-do attitude and hard work ethic makes us smile, even in the gloomiest of circumstances.

Liz is an all-arounder who will be starting her third season of bike racing this year. She’s a recent PhD graduate who found bike racing in grad school. Liz has always loved endurance sports of all kinds. She raced track and cross country for four years in high school and has been cross country and alpine skiing with her active family since she was small. She feels exceptionally fortunate to have stumbled upon the recreational biking and bike racing communities in Norcal. When not on her bike, she loves cooking, art, reading, and spending time with her husband, Blaise.

Thanks for being our ray of sunshine Liz! Looking forward to 2017.

Roster Rollout: Fanny Bourdais de Charbonnière

fannybourdaisdecharbonniere2017We’re back in action after a little hiatus that involved lots of cookies, gifts and champagne. So without further ado, we are pleased to introduce Ms. Fanny Bourdais de Charbonnière to the Folsom Bike family.

Fanny grew up in France playing tennis, skiing and horseback riding before focusing 200% on her studies and career. After graduating from HEC in Paris, she was hired by an investment bank in New York where she survived 10 years before moving to Sacramento last year to work in the private markets arm of CalPERS (infrastructure, energy and real estate investments). She bought her first road bike 4 years ago to get back in shape and “train for a triathlon” but quickly realized she would not make it out of the water alive and instead jumped head first into bike racing while barely knowing how to clip in. Waking up at 4am to race in Central Park, endless off-the-bike winters and 28h work days were getting old so she did not hesitate when she got an offer to move to the best coast and had a blast during her first Western racing season in 2016. She is very excited to join the Folsom Bike Women’s racing team and to work for such a great squad in 2017.

We’re excited to have you join us Fanny! Looking forward to a great season.




Roster Rollout: Diane Moug

FolsomCrit_Picture.jpgIt’s Wednesday and, although we know you’re a little panicked by the fact that you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, there’s no time like the present for a very special roster announcement. Diane Moug has been a pillar of the Folsom Bike Women’s squad for as long as we can remember and has shown Northern California again and again that she is a force to be reckoned with.

dianemoug2017Diane has been on the Folsom Bike Women’s team for pretty much her whole cycling career, and is excited to be back for a fifth season with some very fast ladies. She started cycling when she moved to Davis from Vancouver, BC in 2012; since then has never taken the warm, (relatively) dry winters in California for granted. This winter and spring she will be focused not only on cycling, but also finishing her PhD in Civil Engineering at UC Davis. Her research is improving the tests that predict ground and building foundation strength loss during earthquakes – if you are still interested, she explains it here. Diane’s perfect bike ride is very long and hilly, filled with conversations about the Great British Bake Off and NPR, and followed by coffee and chocolate.

Talented, humble, gracious and wicked smart, Diane is truly a class act. We are so excited to have you back for 2017!



Roster Rollout: Sara Enders

saraenders2017The 2017 season welcomes so many fresh faces to the squad! Sara Enders, affectionately nicknamed “Senders,” is one chick with some serious firepower. Whether pounding up steep hills or taking the sprint to the line, this girl can do it all – and then some.

Sara grew up in Massachusetts, where she eschewed sports until she was 11 because she “didn’t like competition.” Some switch got flipped around that age, though, and she traded dance classes for lots of team sports, including weird East Coast things like lacrosse, eventually focusing on soccer and playing through college on Yale’s club team. Sara has always had a bike and liked going fast on it, so when she came to UC Davis for grad school her head was turned by the very sexy, national championship-winning Aggie cycling team. She was too cheap/poor to spring for a race bike for many years, but finally got a nudge when she found she couldn’t follow her then-boyfriend (now husband) up a big hill in Portland on her inherited 1962 Raleigh. The problem was not the bike, but crit gearing and a front derailleur that had probably been broken, unnoticed for years in Davis–but all’s well that ends well. 6 months later Sara was cruising around at Collegiate Nationals (and dropping Bob on hills xoxo).

Off the bike, Sara is an Environmental Scientist with a B.S. in Geology, an M.E.Sc. in Water Science, Policy, & Management, and a Ph.D. in Soil Science & Biogeochemistry. Her work has ranged from transboundary watershed management in Central America to supporting the EPA’s drinking water program activities, to reconstructing past climate change from organic compounds in soil. She is living in Sacramento and looking for work. You should hire her!!!!

Welcome to the Folsom Bike family Sara!



Roster Rollout: Aliya Trificante


aliyatrificante2017We took a little break to ride our bikes over the weekend, but we’re back this Monday morning to rollout another “young gun” on our 2017 roster.

Aliya has been an enthusiast of two-wheeled adventures from the age of 12. Since then, she has traveled all over California, the country, and the world -most significantly to Euroland this spring with the U.S National team. The ladies of Folsom Bike had always been encouraging of Aliya as a junior, so joining the team last year was particularly special. Currently, she is plugging away through college, majoring in journalism. Other enjoyments include a long list of activities/interests that can be classified into four areas (to be succinct): the great outdoors, books, food, and The Lord of the Rings.

Thanks for being an amazing teammate Aliya! We are looking forward to racing with you again in 2017.

Roster Rollout: Illi Gardner

19To say that we’re impressed with this next recruit is an understatement. After guest riding with Folsom Bike last year at Cascade, Illi Gardner went on to wow us at Winters Road Race, where she won the 2016 NCNA Junior Road Champion title (not to mention 3rd overall).

illigardner2017Illi is a senior at Gunn High School. She began cycling through triathlons and is entering her second season of road and first full season of track. Outside of sports she enjoys graphic design, VFX, going to concerts and eating chocolate.

Whether on the road or at the track, we know Illi has a bright future ahead of her!

Roster Rollout: Sara Bird



Hi there! We’re back to introduce you to yet another member of the 2017 women’s squad. We are incredibly lucky to have Sara Bird returning for another year of spins and grins.

sarabird2017Sara (aka Birdie) joined the Folsom Bike team last season and has been racing on the road for four years. She got her Ph.D. in Microbiology from Stanford University, where she found a second home on the Stanford Cycling team. Currently, when not on the bike, Birdie is a scientist, working on her postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories. Her work focuses on virus-host interactions and using cutting-edge gene editing tools like CRISPR to identify novel targets for antiviral therapeutics. When not biking or working in the lab, Birdie can be found hanging out in Los Altos with her other half Jonathan and their two Boston Terriers, Gus and Hank.

We love you Birdie! Looking forward to another amazing season.


Roster Rollout: Welcome Amy Cameron

amycameron2017Okay, okay – we know you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, but we’re incredibly excited for the 2017 season to start so for the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to the ladies of the Folsom Bike 2017 Elite squad. First up, Miss Amy Cameron. We’ve been huge fans of Amy for a long time with her climbing prowess as well as her fun, quirky, can-do attitude. In her own words…

“This first. I’ve loved lycra for as long as I can remember, and would live in a skinsuit if it were socially acceptable. I drink weird wines from obscure regions and have a long list of foods I can’t eat. I wish I could text with my dog. Clean sheets and fried eggs on toast (GF only, thanks) top my list of favorite non-bike things. I have degrees in political science and international relations, with a focus on genocidal regimes, but I’m now Sr Marketing Manager at Wine.com, where I do creative direction and email strategy. If I had to watch just one show for the rest of my life it would be The West Wing. Running was my first love, but bikes are faster and fast is…fast. Fun fact: I can write 10 letters on each side of a grain of rice. I still wonder how all of this happened, and often blame thank my parents profusely.”

Welcome to the Folsom Bike family Amy!