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Sea Otter Circuit Report – 2016-04-17 by Judy

Sea Otter Circuit Report

Unfortunately, Sea Otter has really lost attendance at its road events in the past two years. Much of this loss is attributed to the rescheduling of US Crit Nationals to the same weekend. Additionally, local NorCal teams are pretty burnt out after racing Redlands the weekend prior. If current trends continue, Folsom Bike may not line up for Sea Otter next year…

But for 2016, we targeted the road race and the circuit race, as per usual. Diane won the road race (see report), and we’d hoped for a second victory on Sunday. The field was super small (12) and the race very mellow. The first half of the 60 minute race just consisted of us riding tempo around the course. Several attacks went during the second half of the race, either on the hill or descent. None got very much traction, except for Kathy Giles (US Military) who stayed away for a lap. Each attack was marked or countered by Sara, Melanie, or me. The last lap saw a bit of a truce, as everyone waited for the sprint. I found myself in 2nd wheel with 1k to go, on the wheel of Liz Otto Hamel from Mikes Bikes. I got too complacent at this point. I was stoked to be 2nd wheel, but I just kind of assumed I could come around if there was a surge from behind. That was not the case — as girls came up to our left, Liz tried to accelerate but it wasn’t enough. I was very much boxed in and had to settle for 4th. Oh well!